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Common Gas Fireplace Problems

gas fireplace in living room

Although gas fireplaces require less maintenance than wood fireplaces, they’re not maintenance-free. Gas units require annual check-ups by a certified professional to ensure they stay beautiful and effectively warm your home. Without proper maintenance, your gas fireplace could run into the following problems.

  • Cloudy Glass One of the most common complaints about gas fireplaces is that the glass gets cloudy. This happens because, over time, carbon soot can build up inside the glass. If left unattended, it can become tough to remove that film. In fact, if left too long, it’s impossible to remove, and your fireplace glass will have a permanent residue. Regularly cleaning the fireplace glass residue helps to alleviate this problem. However, you need to be careful. Regular glass cleaners won’t work and can damage the glass. It’s essential to purchase the correct glass cleaner.

  • Dead Batteries Many assume it’s time for a professional fireplace repair when they click the remote control and nothing happens, but that’s not always the case. A gas fireplace needs fresh batteries in two places: the remote control and the receiver. The receiver is in the fireplace unit itself. If your gas fireplace isn’t firing up, checking the batteries is an excellent place to start troubleshooting.

  • Clogged When a gas fireplace operates, it sucks air inside for combustion. If you have a pet, hair and dander also get sucked into the unit. This debris can settle inside the burner and produce an unpleasant sulphurous smell. It can also clog the burner, stopping it from working altogether. Regular cleaning and maintenance helps keep pet hair at bay.

  • Carbon Monoxide Leak Burning natural gas produces carbon monoxide, an invisible gas with no odour. Inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to dizziness, unconsciousness and even death. A malfunctioning or poorly maintained gas fireplace can begin emitting carbon monoxide into your home. It’s crucial to install a carbon monoxide detector near your gas fireplace and on every floor of your home.

Fireplace Maintenance and Repair in Orangeville and Alliston

At Don’s Heating & Cooling, we have the gas and electric fireplace accessories you require, including fireplace glass cleaners, and we can show you how to use them. We also offer fireplace maintenance and repair services for customers in Orangeville, Alliston and the surrounding communities. Visit one of our showrooms or contact us today to learn more about our heating and cooling services.


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