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Furnace Breakdown Prevention Tips

A properly operationg heating system is essential to keep your home comfortable and warm. It’s important to do some preventative maintenance throughout the heating season to help prevent a furnace breakdown. This includes filter changes and scheduling a furnace inspection.

Furnace filters help keep your homes heating systems inner mechanics free of dust and your home free of allergens. over time, the filter accumulates debris and needs to be replaced. Air quality and furnace breakdown due to overheating can be caused with continued use of a dirty filter. It’s good practice to check filters monthly and replace as needed. Aleays follow the manufacturers instructions.

Contact us to schedule an annual maintenance plan. One of our certified technicians will inspect and clean your system and can identify any problems before they become major issues. Some manufactures require an annual inspection to keep waranties valid.

Make sure your home says warm and comfortable this winter and yo;re not stuck with expensive furnace repair bills.


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