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4 Reasons to Invest in a Central Vacuum System for Your Home

cleaning floor with central vacuum

Are you thinking about ditching your corded vacuum for a central vacuum system? There are plenty of benefits to making the shift. Here are four good reasons to install a central vacuum in your home.

  1. They’re Quiet Although central vacuums are larger and more powerful than traditional vacuums, they’re quieter because the motor is located away from living areas. Consequently, other household members can easily go about their daily tasks without being disturbed by a noisy vacuum.

  2. They’re Powerful Central vacuums are more powerful than standard, portable models. In many cases, they offer three to five times more suction power to effectively remove embedded dirt, dust and allergens. In fact, according to a recent study by the University of California at Davis School of Medicine, a central vacuum system installed in a home can reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 61 per cent.

  3. They’re Easy to Use Central vacuums are easier to manoeuvre around your home than most standard vacuum cleaners. There’s no heavy canister to pull or bulky unit to lug up and down the stairs. All you have to carry is the lightweight hose. Plus, unlike conventional vacuums that require you to empty the dust container after every use, you only need to empty the canister on your central vacuum every three to six months.

  4. They Increase the Value of Your Home Installing a central vacuum in your home adds value to your property. For instance, many manufacturers say that installing a central vacuum system in your home can add several thousand dollars to its resale value. According to experts at the National Association of Realtors, a house with a central vacuum system is easier to sell.

If you’re thinking about installing a central vacuum system in your home, Don’s Heating and Cooling can help. We sell and service various models and accessories to suit any budget. Our team can put together a cleaning package that’s perfect for your home and family.

Central Vacuum Systems in Orangeville and Alliston

For the ultimate cleaning solution for your home, Don’s Heating and Cooling is the place to go. We sell central vacuums from top brands like Cana-Vac, Beam and Electrolux. Our team will match you with the right system for your home. We also offer installation, maintenance and repairs on all the products we sell, including furnaces, fireplaces and heat pumps. Contact us today to have one of our Comfort Advisers visit your home and assess your situation.


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