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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs or Maintenance to Run More Efficiently

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Have you noticed some unusual changes in the performance of your AC unit or in the air quality of your home recently? This could mean that it’s time to schedule AC maintenance or repair services.


8 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs or Maintenance 

Here are some signs to look out for to know when it’s time to get your air conditioner checked by HVAC professionals:

  1. Your home’s temperature fluctuates irregularly.

  2. Your AC is either running constantly or it keeps switching on and off.

  3. You’re noticing abnormal spikes in your energy bills.

  4. Warm air is coming out of your AC unit.

  5. Your AC unit is emitting bad smells.

  6. You’ve noticed a deterioration of the quality of air of your home and an increase in indoor air pollution.

  7. The airflow inside your home is poor.

  8. Your AC unit is over 10 years old.


Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks

Air conditioner maintenance is important to keep your unit working efficiently and at optimal performance. Here are some of the main tasks that are carried out during routine maintenance checks:

  1. Replacement of filters – Clean air filters are essential to promote proper airflow and good air quality in your home. A maintenance check can help identify if the filters of your AC unit need to be cleaned or replaced. It is recommended to get your AC filters checked monthly and replaced every one to three months.


  1. Replacement of evaporator coils – A maintenance inspection will highlight whether the evaporator coils of your AC units need to be cleaned. If the accumulation of dirt or lint is too severe, it may also be best to replace the evaporator coils entirely.


  1. Identification of potential issues – It is important to identify and address minor issues before they develop into more serious problems that are likely to cost you more money to fix.


  1. Inspection of the outdoor unit – During a maintenance inspection, the outdoor unit of your AC will also be checked. These outdoor units are prone to the accumulation of debris and leaves. It is therefore important to regularly check and clean your outdoor AC unit for continued optimal performance.


Common Air Conditioner Repairs

Here are the types of repairs that are most carried out on AC units:

  1. Air vent repairs – Cleaning your air vents is essential to facilitate the airflow in your home.


  1. Sealing of leaking air ducts – Sealing cracks or holes in your AC’s air vent is essential to allow the unit to distribute cool air properly throughout your house. If left unattended, this issue will eventually cause your AC to stop functioning properly.


  1. Thermostat repairs – System malfunctions and wiring issues can affect the thermostat. Getting your unit’s thermostat repaired promptly will restore the proper regulation of temperature in your home.


  1. Replacement of frozen evaporator coils – Frozen evaporator coils can cause poor heat transfer. While melting the ice can help to some degree, it is usually best to replace the coils for optimal heat transfer.


  1. Replacement of damaged fan motor – Replacing a damaged fan motor can restore optimal energy efficiency and improve airflow.


  1. Replacement of AC filters – Unclogging or replacing your AC filters will help improve the airflow.


Professional Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Services

Serving homeowners in Orangeville, Alliston, and the surrounding areas, Don’s Heating & Cooling provides professional repair and maintenance services for air conditioners. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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