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6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Boiler

plumber repairing boiler

Like all water heating appliances, your boiler has a limited lifespan. When your water boiler breaks down, it’s usually too late to repair, and you’re left in a frigid home without hot water. That’s why it’s crucial to identify the early warning signs that it’s time for a boiler replacement. Here’s what to look for.

  1. Your boiler is getting old. Depending on the quality and brand, boilers have a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years. If your boiler’s warranty has expired, it’s more than 15 years old, and you’re repairing it a lot, it’ll be worth getting a replacement.

  2. Corrosion is forming. Today’s boilers are built to resist rust and corrosion. However, it can still happen on older models, especially at the valves and connections. Corrosion can lead to catastrophic leaks and malfunctions, so it’s better to replace your boiler now if you notice it.

  3. The boiler makes strange noises. Boilers always make a certain amount of noise when operating. But there are some noises they shouldn’t make, like banging and clanging. These noises indicate a blockage, a pressure issue or a leak. It’s best to get a professional to inspect your boiler if it’s making unusual sounds.

  4. Your boiler is leaking. A leaking boiler is an obvious sign of a problem. If you notice a leak, it’s best to act immediately and call a repair company to avoid a catastrophic flood.

  5. The temperature in your home fluctuates. If you notice that some rooms are colder than others or that the indoor temperature of your home fluctuates wildly, it’s a sign that your boiler isn’t working correctly. Varying temperatures indicate that your boiler isn’t running efficiently and is working too hard to heat your home. A boiler replacement will make your home more comfortable.

  6. Your energy bills are rising. As boilers get older and worn out, they must work harder to heat your home and water. If you notice that your gas or electric bills are rising for no reason, your boiler may be to blame. Investing in a new energy-efficient boiler can pay for itself over time in lower utility bills.

Boiler Repair, Replacement and Installation in Orangeville, Alliston, and Surrounding Areas

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