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Three Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Air Conditioner

Generally, you might come across things that homeowners should do for their air conditioners, such as replacing air filters or clearing and cleaning air vents. Although, there are several things you must avoid doing as it can cause your air conditioning system to malfunction.

There is a lot at stake, from system warranties to delicate components. Don’t hinder the health of your air conditioner by attempting a do-it-yourself repair. Make sure you hire a professional. A good rule of thumb to learn when it comes to air conditioners is letting the professionals look after the issues related to the air conditioner.

If you don’t believe you should be opening a particular AC component to perform a task, it’s best to avoid it. Anything other than replacing an air filter is going to be interference into a technical area. Here are 3-things that you should avoid doing to your air conditioner:


Keep Adjusting The Thermostat:

If you have to keep regulating the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature, you are raising the workload on the A/C and increasing the chances of costly repairs or untimely equipment failure. To increase comfort and save energy, add more insulation and seal air leaks in your home.


Forgetting to Change the Air Filter: 

A clogged air filter can reduce essential airflow over the evaporator, resulting in coil icing and decreased cooling output. These operating conditions also put additional strain on the A/C compressor, causing it to fail abruptly.

Examine the filter monthly and clean or replace it when it becomes dirty to avoid these issues and reduce your cooling energy consumption by up to 15%.


Neglecting Annual Maintenance:

Allow an HVAC professional to perform AC maintenance before each cooling season to keep the air conditioner running optimally and efficiently. Without a yearly tune-up, an A/C can lose up to 5% of its cooling capacity each season. Routine servicing also allows professionals to detect and correct minor issues before escalating into inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs.


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