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Top BBQ Features to Consider for the Ultimate Grilling Experience

brand new BBQ grill with advanced features

Are you considering buying a barbecue or grill? Upgrade your cookouts thanks to a wide range of grill features and add-ons! To help you make your selection, Don's Heating & Cooling has compiled here for you a list of some of the most popular BBQ features customers look out for when choosing a new grill:


  1. Number of burners – If you are looking for more versality and cooking zones, you can choose grills with up to six burners.  

  2. Side burners – Grills equipped with side burners offer convenient space for prepping sauces and side dishes.

  3. Built-in thermometers – Grills that feature built-in thermometers allow you to cook with a closed lid and achieve optimal cooking without having to constantly check your food.  

  4. Grease management – Grease trays allow you to easily collect and manage grease during the cooking process. Removable grease trays are also very easy to clean.  

  5. Storage compartments – Some models feature storage areas and shelves, allowing you to store your barbecue tools and spices all in one place.  

  6. Cooking grates – You can choose between a wide range of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, porcelain, or enamel when choosing cooking grates. Certain charcoal and kamado grills also feature easy-open grates, that allow you to easily add charcoal to your grill. In addition, some models are also fitted with adjustable-height cooking grates that allow you to conveniently raise or lower the food that you are cooking.  

  7. Igniters – You can choose between manual-light, push-button, battery, or electric igniters when choosing a grill.  

  8. Tool hooks – Grills equipped with tool hooks allow you to convenient hang your barbecue tools, including your tongs, spatula, and grill brushes.  

  9. Knobs – While most grills have plastic or metal knobs, depending on your budget, you may also choose higher-end models equipped with LED-lit knobs.  

  10. Removable ashpans – Several models of charcoal and kamado grills also feature removable ashpans that allow you to easily remove ash, food residue and leftover coals from the unit.  

  11. Temperature control – Many charcoal and kamado grills feature multiple vents or dampers that allow you to easily control the temperature of your unit.

  12. Wheels and casters – Wheels and casters allow you to easily move your grill around.  

  13. Led controls – Grills equipped with LED controls allow you to easily host cookouts after dark thanks to illuminated control panel and knobs.  

  14. Fuel gauge – This feature allows you to check the amount of propane left in the grill’s tank at a glance.  

  15. Pullout trays – These trays allow you to change your propane tank easily when needed.  

  16. Dual-fuel valves – Also known as natural-gas conversion kits, these can be purchased separately to convert your grill to a gas-based one.

  17. Electric ignition systems – These systems allow you to easily start your grill at the press of a button.  

  18. Infrared technology – Grills equipped with infrared technology allow for more uniform cooking and heat distribution.

  19. Smart technology – Grills equipped with smart technology include convenient features such as wireless meat thermometers and smart apps that allow you to effortlessly monitor the cooking process.  

  20. Luxury features – Mid-level budget tier grills include a wide assortment of additional luxury features such as integrated rotisseries, built-in lights, view windows, heat zone separators, and more.   

  21. Combo features – Certain grills also feature combo options. For instance, grill and smoker combos offers versatility in terms of your cooking options, allowing you to grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, and sear food, all while using a single unit.

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