Why do I have one room that’s never the same temperature as the rest of my house?

No two homes are exactly alike, and every home has its individual quirks. But there is one complaint that is fairly common among homeowners regardless of the size, shape or location:

“Why is there one room that’s never the same temperature as the rest of my house?”


Multiple floors/levels

Whether it’s a 70s era split-level or a brand-new two-story home, keeping the upper levels the same temperature as the lower levels has always been a challenge. That’s due to the physics of rising heat as well as the challenges of delivering conditioned air through longer sections of ductwork.


Ducting/venting issues

A long duct run, ductwork traveling through uninsulated areas (like an attic), or not enough return air vents are three typical examples of ducting/venting issues that may not deliver as much heating or cooling as the space requires.


Oversized or undersized system

Properly sizing a heating and cooling system isn’t an exact science, and when it’s not done right, you can have serious comfort issues. An oversized system will turn on, then shut down quickly leaving some areas still too hot or cold. An undersized system will just run and run and may never make you comfortable


Renovations & room additions

A home remodel can actually change the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system, especially if walls are added or removed. Adding a room means a need for added heating and cooling capacity, which your system may not be adequately sized to handle.


Location and usage

A room with southern exposure and lots of windows might generate a lot of extra heat. A finished basement might be cool and clammy. Or a room with computer server and additional heat-generating electronics can add to your home’s comfort needs.


What’s the solution?

You may be able to overcome some of these issues with fans, portable heaters, window coverings and the like, but finding a more permanent solution may require a call to the indoor comfort experts – Carrier.

Whether it’s creating a zoned system with separate temperature control upstairs and down, redesigning your ductwork, or, in the case of sizing issues, potentially replacing existing equipment, Don’s Heating and Cooling can offer a number of solutions for creating a more consistently comfortable indoor environment.