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Professional Furnace Maintenance and Repair in Orangeville, Alliston and Surrounding Areas

Regular maintenance helps ensure efficiency and reliability of your furnace


Furnaces, whether they are new or old, mid or high efficiency, should be cleaned and inspected every year usually at the beginning of the fall. Furnace filters should be inspected and cleaned/replaced every 2 months.


Failing to have your furnace serviced regularly may result in mid-winter breakdowns and costly repairs and/or your Manufacturer’s Warranty becoming void.


It is recommended to service Heat Pumps as you would a furnace; Yearly.

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  • 25/01/2022
    5 Furnace Tips for New Homeowners

    Five Furnace Tips for New Homeowners

    1. Know the Details

    Not all HVAC systems are the same as there are many types of equipment that heat and cool homes. For example, an HVAC system may have an air conditioner and gas furnace, or a heat pump and an electric furnace. If a home uses a boiler for heat, it might run on propane, oil, natural gas or a different type of fuel. If your realtor didn’t provide you with information regarding the type of heating and cooling systems in your home, now is the perfect time to learn more about it. In addition to knowing about the types of equipment used, it is also a good idea to know about their energy sources and any add-on systems, such as zoning systems, air purifiers and dehumidifiers.


    2. Replace the Filters

    Don’t assume that the previous homeowners replaced the filters in the heating and cooling units before they handed you the keys. Even if your home is brand new, contractors might have used the HVAC system to create an environment that’s ideal for drying paint, drywall, adhesives and other materials. When you move in, replace the HVAC filter to ensure the system works efficiently and circulates clean air throughout your home.


    3. Schedule a Professional Maintenance and Inspection

    Waiting until the HVAC system has a problem to call a professional could backfire on you because you might find yourself without heat on the coldest winter day. If your home is not brand new, hire an HVAC professional to inspect and maintain the system as soon as possible. The specialist will alert you to small problems that could become expensive repairs if they aren’t addressed, tell you more information about the system (e.g., the type and age), and give you maintenance tips that you can do on your own throughout the year to keep the unit running more efficiently. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance and inspection every year to prolong the life of your heating and cooling units and prevent the need for major repairs.


    4. Know Details about the Warranty

    Learn about the warranty that came with the heating and cooling systems in your new home. Details to pay attention to include the period of coverage and the types of repairs the warranty covers. Keep in mind that if the previous homeowners failed to hire a licensed professional to complete annual maintenance on newer HVAC equipment or failed to hire a professional to perform certain repairs, they may have accidentally voided the warranty.


    5. Learn to Use the Thermostat to Maximize Efficiency

    A programmable thermostat helps ensure your system operates efficiently throughout the year. Take advantage of its various settings to keep your home comfortable when it’s occupied and to save energy while you’re asleep or on vacation. An HVAC specialist can show you how to program and operate the thermostat, as well as make recommendations regarding the best temperatures settings.

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  • 25/01/2022
    Furnace Maintenance

    It’s getting to that time of year that we need to start up that furnace because the nights are starting to get cold.  There is nothing worse then finding out that there is a problem with your furnace and you put you and your family in an emergency situation with no heat.  This is one of the reasons to get your furnace checked out ahead of time.

    Here are four more reasons to have one of our trained professional service your furnace

    1. You will have peace of mind knowing your furnace is in good running order
    2. If there is a problem we can repair it before it becomes a major problem
    3. Keeping you and your family safe – Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer.  We will check to make sure your equipment is operating safely
    4. Energy Savings – A maintained furnace will give you the peak efficiency it is capable of producing

    Contact us to book your maintenance appointment




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  • 25/01/2022
    Furnace efficiency rating: What is AFUE and why is it important?

    Winter is around the corner, and that means it’s time to check in on the old heating system. And if it’s time to think about replacing an aging furnace or boiler, you should know about AFUE.


    What is AFUE?

    AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It’s a standardized measure of the fuel efficiency for furnaces and boilers, used much the same way you would use miles-per-gallon (MPG) for cars. According to

    • AFUE is the ratio of annual heat output of the furnace or boiler compared to the total annual fossil fuel energy consumed by a furnace or boiler.

    • It is expressed in terms of percentage. For example, if you have a 90% AFUE furnace, 90% of the energy in the fuel becomes heat for the home and the other 10% escapes up the chimney and elsewhere.

    • AFUE does not account for heat loss resulting from ducting or piping in an unconditioned space, such as an attic or garage.


    Why is AFUE Important?

    The Federal Trade Commission requires new furnaces and boilers to display their AFUE so consumers can compare the efficiency of different models. As you research your new heating system, keep in mind that the Department of Energy puts efficiency levels into three categories:

    Low efficiency – older models with AFUE in the 56 – 70% range (new units must meet current AFUE minimums, which are higher)

    Mid efficiency – 80% – 83% AFUE (these models meet current minimum standards for new equipment)

    High efficiency – 90% – 98.5% AFUE (many of these models also offer comfort-enhancing technology in addition to high energy efficiency)

    When making a purchase decision using AFUE ratings, it is important to note that models with higher AFUEs are often deluxe units with extra features such as:

    • Two heat exchangers

    • Multi-stage heating

    • Variable-speed fans

    • Communicating “intelligent” controls

    The added components and technology can lead to higher price tags for the higher AFUE models.


    Making the right decision for your home’s furnace efficiency

    Actual performance and efficiency of any furnace or boiler in your home will depend on additional variables including:

    • Age, size and condition of home

    • Condition and quality of windows, insulation and ductwork

    • Personal temperature settings and usage habits

    Your local Carrier HVAC contractor can be an excellent source for navigating the many AFUE options available for your new heating system. They have the tools and expertise to assess your home, your personal preferences and your budget considerations to help you make the right decision for your family.

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  • 25/01/2022
    Furnace Breakdown Prevention Tips

    A properly operationg heating system is essential to keep your home comfortable and warm.  It’s important to do some preventative maintenance throughout the heating season to help prevent a furnace breakdown.  This includes filter changes and scheduling a furnace inspection.

    Furnace filters help keep your homes heating systems inner mechanics free of dust and your home free of allergens. over time, the filter accumulates debris and needs to be replaced.  Air quality and furnace breakdown due to overheating can be caused with continued use of a dirty filter.  It’s good practice to check filters monthly and replace as needed. Aleays follow the manufacturers instructions.

    Contact us to schedule an annual maintenance plan.  One of our certified technicians will inspect and clean your system and can identify any problems before they become major issues.  Some manufactures require an annual inspection to keep waranties valid.

    Make sure your home says warm and comfortable this winter and yo;re not stuck with expensive furnace repair bills.

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  • 25/01/2022
    Why is my furnace blowing cold air?


    Winter can be a real gut-check with its cold, blustery wind, rush-hour snow storms and some downright frigid nights. It can also be a great time to hunker down on the couch, grab a blanket and enjoy the warm, soothing comfort coming from your heat registers.

    But what happens if you settle in only to find – gasp – cool air blowing from the register? Don’t panic yet. Cool air from your heat vents doesn’t always mean you have to make a late-night call to your local Carrier HVAC contractor. There are a number of perfectly normal explanations that you can remedy yourself.


    Check the thermostat


    First, take a look at the brain of your comfort system – the thermostat – and check for the following:

    • Make sure it is set for heating, and not for cooling.
    • Check the fan setting. The “on” setting circulates air continuously whether it’s been heated or not. Change it to “auto” so it only blows warm air into your home.
    • Compare the temperature setting to the actual temperature in the home. You may need to turn up the set temperature for more heating comfort.
    • If you have a programmable thermostat, review temperature settings and make sure they still line up with when you are home or away from home.

    Check the furnace filter


    Check your filter and if it’s dirty, replace it. In some cases, a clogged, dirty filter might restrict airflow enough to affect your comfort. Or in more extreme cases, an overly dirty filter can cause the furnace to overheat and shut down.


    Signs that it’s time to call an HVAC contractor


    Unfortunately, sometimes cool air from the register DOES mean an issue is lurking that your Carrier dealer will need to address. Knowing what to look for can help your HVAC contractor get to the issue – and the resolution – a little quicker.

    • Fan limit switch: A malfunctioning fan limit switch might cause the furnace blower to circulate cool air when the furnace isn’t heating, or shut it down completely
    • Flame sensor: If the temperature inside is cooler than the thermostat’s setting, or if the furnace turns on and off repeatedly, a flame sensor may be malfunctioning.
    • Leaking ducts: If air from the registers is cooler and/or weaker than usual, and you notice higher heating bills, your air ducts may be leaking.
    • Pilot light is out: If you have a pre-1990s furnace, a furnace blowing cool air or shutting down may indicate that the pilot light is out. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to re-light.

    If you do end up contacting your Carrier dealer, doing a little advanced troubleshooting might help make the process faster, more efficient, and maybe save a little time on the service call.


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