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Discover the four benefits of Cool Cash rebates


Who doesn’t like cash back and a new comfort system backed by Carrier – the company founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning himself? That’s exactly what you get with Carrier Cool Cash rebates, when they are available.*

But when you dig a little deeper, taking advantage of Carrier Cool Cash rebates can make it easier to purchase a higher tier system, gaining greater energy savings and an improved indoor comfort experience.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can take advantage of this popular program:

1. Save now and call it a day.

Purchase a qualifying Carrier® HVAC system during the rebate period, get your Cool Cash rebate, and get some cash back for your investment. Depending upon your equipment purchase, Carrier Cool Cash rebates currently can pay you back up to $1650.

2. It’s like getting a “free” smarter thermostat

It’s no secret that installing a “smart” thermostat with features like programmable comfort schedules, remote access, energy tracking and more can lead to potential savings on heating and cooling costs. Depending upon your rebate amount and the cost of the thermostat, Cool Cash can essentially pay for an upgraded system control.

3. Step up to a higher efficiency system

Consider the Cool Cash rebate as a way to get a bigger discount on a higher efficiency system. Depending upon your location, investing in a higher efficiency system may open up the possibility of additional rebates from the utility company. And once your system is installed, you can start saving money on your monthly utility bills, compared to an older, less efficient system you may be replacing.

4. Maximize your comfort

When you use your Cool Cash rebate on a multi-stage or variable-speed system, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced comfort:

• Even, consistent temperature throughout the home

• Reduce/eliminate hot and cold areas within your home

• Quieter comfort with low speed/low stage operation

• Enhanced summertime dehumidification

Contact Us today

For more information on the Carrier Cool Cash rebate program, when it is available and what equipment it applies to, contact your local Carrier today. Then start planning how you’ll spend that cool cash you’ll earn with a qualifying purchase and installation of a new Carrier comfort system.

*Rebates available for a limited time only. Homeowners may qualify for a Cool Cash rebate by purchasing qualifying Carrier equipment during the rebate period. Equipment must be installed and claims submitted within the claiming period. Your Carrier expert must be a participating Cool Cash dealer. Subject to Cool Cash program terms and conditions.


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