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Efficient Central Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair in Orangeville, Alliston and Surrounding Areas

Is your air conditioner having problems or struggling to keep your home cool? At Don’s Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of a reliable cooling system, especially during the summer when temperatures rise. Fortunately, our team of skilled technicians provides prompt and efficient air conditioner maintenance and repair services to keep your home cozy and comfortable. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request an appointment.

Our Air Conditioner Repair Services

If you are having problems with your air conditioner or if you are under the impression that your AC unit hasn’t been working properly, professional service might be necessary. Our experienced team of professionals provide reliable central air conditioner repair services Orangeville, Alliston and surrounding areas. Some of the repairs we can do for you include:

  • Capacitor replacement

  • Replacing a failed contactor

  • Refrigerant recharge

  • Unclogging drain line

  • Blower and fan replacement

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Emergency Repair Services

Understanding that emergency situations can happen unexpectedly, Don's Heating and Cooling also provides you with emergency repairs. Our technicians will be able to get to your home and analyze the problem quickly so that you can have your AC repaired and your house cooled in no time. With Don’s Heating and Cooling you can count on emergency AC repair services in Orangeville, Alliston, and the surrounding communities.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Might Need to Be Repaired


When it comes to air conditioner repairs, there are signs that your AC unit usually gives you suggesting that it might be a good idea to have it serviced. It is important to remember that in many cases, having your unit repaired earlier can prevent bigger problems from happening in the future, which can save you money in further repair or replacement costs. Some of the most common signs that your AC needs to be repaired are:


  • Increased energy bills
    It is known that air conditioners can have a high energy consumption. However, sudden increases in your energy bills might indicate that your AC unit is excessively relying on electricity to operate. This might indicate that something is wrong with your unit, in which case further inspection is recommended.


  • Performance issues
    Decreased cooling efficiency or longer cooling times suggest possible refrigerant leaks or faulty components. If you feel your unit is not operating at its regular capacity, professional help might be required.


  • Water leaks
    Any form of leakage around your air conditioning should not be ignored. Water leaks can be a sign of a blocked or broken drain tube. Prolonged leaking can lead to more significant issues such as mould growth or even water damage.


  • Insufficient air flow
    This is a common sign that your unit is not working effectively and that it probably needs to be repaired. Poor air flow could be the result of a clogged filter or even a broken motor, which prevents your unit from working at high performance.  


  • Unexpected noises
    If you hear unusual noises coming from your unit, such as grinding or rattling, there might be something wrong with it. Air conditioners are generally designed to work silently, making a minor continuous sound while it is on. If you hear something out of the ordinary, a thorough inspection might be necessary.


  • Bad odour
    Unpleasant odours coming out of your air conditioner might be a sign of mould growth. This can be a result of a blocked filter, which traps dirt and water facilitating the increase of mould and bacteria levels. If you notice the air coming out of your unit is smelling different than it used to, it is recommended that you get it repaired to avoid more complicated problems in the future.

Our AC Maintenance Services


One of the most efficient ways of ensuring your air conditioner has a long lifespan is making sure regular maintenance is done properly. At Don's Heating and Cooling we offer maintenance services that can keep your unit running at peak performance, ensuring your home is cooled quickly and efficiently. Some of common maintenance procedures include:


  • Filter Inspection and Cleaning

  • Evaporator Coil and Condenser Cleaning

  • Leaks Check

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Overall Inspection


Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair in Orangeville and Alliston

At Don’s Heating & Cooling, we deliver air conditioner repair and maintenance services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re facing a cooling emergency or need routine maintenance for your central air conditioner, you can trust our experienced team to deliver reliable solutions. Contact us today to schedule an AC tune-up and experience the benefits of exceptional customer care.


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Very Helpful

“Brian was very helpful. Brendan, the installer and his helper were very neat and careful with all the work.. Answered all our questions pleasantly. Lori and Katie in the office were more than helpful also.”

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- Elaine B.


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Excellent Service

“Excellent service. Price great. Moved to a second new house further North and still used them. Go beyond expectations. Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Highly recommend this company.”

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- Rachel H.


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