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Meet Our Team of Skilled HVAC Technicians in Orangeville, Alliston an Surrounding Area

Portrait of Don Roper

Don Roper – Owner/Operator

Don has been the proud owner/operator of Don's Heating & Cooling since 1990. Over the years, he has grown his company to be the successful HVAC business that most residents in our service area have come to for all of their home comfort needs. Don is a licensed refrigeration mechanic and holds both a Gas Fitter 1 and an Oil Fitter licence. Plus, he is a proud father of Terry and Vanessa and grandfather of Matthew and Sianna.

Paul Addison – Home Comfort Adviser

Paul began working at Don's Heating & Cooling in 2006 as a lead installer. Due to his 25 years of experience and vast knowledge in the HVAC industry, Paul has become a member of our sales team at Don's Heating & Cooling, providing customers with free in-house quotes and fitting the best home comfort equipment to your house and lifestyle. When Paul isn’t at DHC, he is practicing for his next dart tournament.

Portrait of paul addison

Brian Atherley – Home Comfort Adviser/Alliston Showroom General Manager

Brian is our General Manager at the Alliston branch of DHC. Brian's duties include all aspects of the Alliston showroom. He also provides free in-home and virtual consultations for furnaces, central air conditioning and fireplaces. You may even see Brian delivering BBQ grills around the Alliston area. Brian is the jolliest person we have ever met. Come into our Alliston showroom or give him a call and find out for yourself.

Portrait of Brian Atherley

Chris Whelan – Home Comfort Adviser. Previously Lead Installation Technician (Gas Fitter 2)

Chris has joined our home comfort team to provide our customers with exceptional personal service from the initial sales call to the completed installation for any of our home comfort products. With his past experience as our head installer and is, in my opinion, one of the greats, he can provide the customer with expertise second to none. I have seen a lot of head mechanics, but none hold up to the amazing talents of Chris Whelan. He is an artist when it comes to making a furnace, or a/c installation looks perfect. In a world full of companies that just want to get the job done and don’t pay attention to detail, Chris is an oasis in the desert. He trains all of our beginners the way to do the job with style and excellence and has the equipment running at its optimum performance. Chris is also a Gas Fitter 2 and licensed refrigeration a/c mechanic. On the odd weekend, he will help us with service calls, and if he isn’t doing that, he is renovating one of his many homes. Plus, I must mention he is a par golfer, so if you need a ringer for your foursome, he is your man.

Portrait of Chris Whelan

Joanne Lewis – Orangeville Showroom/Retail Sales

Joanne brings to Don's Heating & Cooling a lot of retail experience and business experience as well. Joanne runs the showroom in Orangeville. She has a great Irish accent and smile that our customers all seem to remember. If you need to talk about BBQs or central vacuums, she is a wealth of knowledge.

Portrait of Joanne Lewis

Margaret Vida-Morrison – Office Manager

Margaret has been with us since January 2015 and oversees the showroom operations. Although that is a full-time job in itself, she also finds time to do most of our social media marketing and is in charge of our human resources and training. She is a master of time management. She brings with her 20 years of HVAC experience from the city but much prefers the slower pace of a small town like ours.

Portrait of Margaret Vida

Lori Cuthbert – Installations Coordinator

Lori began working at Don's Heating & Cooling as our showroom receptionist in 2007. She soon became our service/install coordinator and as we grew our install coordination, booking your installation appointments for your HVAC equipment, hot water tanks, fireplaces and more. Lori will look after the ordering and scheduling of your installation with the utmost efficiency. Every time you make an installation appointment with Don's Heating & Cooling, you are speaking with Lori, so don’t forget to say ‘Hi’!

Portrait of Lori Cuthbert

Vanessa Wismayer – Showroom/Retail Sales, Service Assistant

Vanessa has worked for Don's Heating & Cooling on and off for the past several years, balancing her professional career and her full-time job as a mother of two and wife of an electrician. She is working on her business diploma and is wearing several hats to broaden her business perspective.

Portrait of Vanessa Wismayer

Marlene Kendall – Office Assistant

Marlene is everyone's favourite co-worker. She has an amazing ability to bring a smile to your face because she always has one on hers. Marlene was retired (I know it is hard to believe) and wanted a part-time job, which is basically a full-time job for most people. She is our custodian and much more. She is a time saver by doing the jobs we need to be completed that allow others to be more productive with the jobs they need to get done. When she isn’t at Don's Heating & Cooling, she is usually with one or more of her 7 grandchildren.

Portrait of Marlene Kendall

Rolf Keller – Sheet Metal Worker and Shop Foreman

Rolf has been employed with Don's Heating & Cooling since 1999. He is a licensed sheet metal worker and has the red seal of approval. He is also a licensed gas fitter. Rolf has been in the HVAC trade for over 35 years. His greatest strength is his ability to make almost anything out of a flat piece of metal. His hobbies are watching NASCAR every Sunday and camping outdoors with his expanding family.

Portrait of Rolf Keller

Cindy Thorp – Shipper/Receiver

Cindy is our shipper/receiver; unfortunately, Cindy is mostly behind the scenes at DHC. She is one of our valued people getting our crews organized and keeping track of inventory. When she isn’t at DHC, you will find her at home, minding her husband and 6 children.

Cindy Thorp 2022.jpg

Ryan George – Lead Service Technician/Gas Fitter 2

Ryan started working at Don’s Heating & Cooling in 2008. Starting as an Install Helper, Ryan worked his way up in the company to become our Head Service Technician. If you have had service done by Don's Heating & Cooling, you have most likely met Ryan already. Ryan often works long hours as one of our ‘on-call’ technicians so that our customers will not go without heating or air conditioning if they have an emergency. Feel free to thank Ryan for his hard work & dedication to our customers the next time he’s servicing your equipment.

Ryan George

Brenden Berger – Lead Sheet Metal Technician/Gas Fitter 2

Brenden came to us while he was still in high school, and we have never looked back. He has completed his sheet metal apprenticeship and does the majority of our ductwork jobs, from retrofitting existing homes to our large custom ones. He has learned his craft from Rolf Keller, who is our head sheet metal mechanic. Brenden’s workmanship is a thing of beauty (if sheet metal ductwork is your thing). Brenden has also finished his Gas Fitter 2 licence at the top of his class. Brenden also volunteers for programs at the Erin Village Alliance Church.

Brenden Berger

Mike Baird – Installation Technician/Gas Fitter 2

This is Mike’s second time at Don's Heating & Cooling. We originally got Mike right out of Gas Fitter 2 schoolings, and he was one of the most sought-after students. He finally got tempted to seek greener pastures BUT came back home to us. Mike is a great person, and everyone wants him as their second in command. Mike has now worked himself into the lead-hand position. His abilities to be our lead hand are not only because of his amazing attention to detail but also his ability to relate with customers. We refer to Mike as our prodigal son. Welcome home, Mike.

Portrait of Mike Baird

Ashley Powell – Installation Technician/Gas Fitter 2

Although this is not Ashley’s first career, we believe this will be his full-time one. Ashley wanted a career that was more challenging and rewarding, so he decided to get his gas fitters licence and find a job. We were fortunate to be the company he chose to do his co-op with, and after a very short time with us, we decided we weren’t letting him go. Ashley has been with us since September 2018 and is also one of the lead-hand helpers. He is now a licensed Gas Fitter 2 and has started his a/c apprenticeship as well. He also has two little girls at home and spends as much time with her and his wife as he possibly can.

Ashley Powell

Tyler Baird – Installation Technician/Gas Fitter 2

Tyler Baird 2022.jpg

Bryan Benson – Installation Technician/Gas Fitter 2

What can I say about Bryan? He started with Don's Heating & Cooling while he was still in high school on a co-op program. He eventually came on as a full-time employee and started working his way to becoming a Gas Fitter 2, which he did complete. After a few years, Bryan decided to leave for greener pastures; however, after a short time out realized we were the greener pasture. We were all so pleased when Bryan came back home. He is now our certified furnace and air conditioning maintenance person and is completing his residential a/c apprenticeship. Bryan receives compliments all the time from our customers, and once you meet him, you will truly understand why. When he is not at work, he spends his time playing hockey or being with his wife, daughter and son.

Bryan Benson

Riley Moffat – Installation Techjnician/Gas Fitter 2

Riley Moffat 2022_edited.jpg
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