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Annual Fireplace Maintenance and Repair in Orangeville, Alliston and Surrounding Areas

Fireplace maintenance is essential to keep your home cozy and warm throughout the chilly months. That’s why Don’s Heating & Cooling is here to ensure your fireplace remains in top condition with our reliable and efficient gas and electric fireplace maintenance and repair services in Orangeville and Alliston. Contact us today to request an appointment with one of our experienced technicians to keep your fireplace roaring this winter.

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The Importance of Regular Fireplace Maintenance

You should have your gas or electric fireplace serviced every one to two years. Failure to do so could lead to serious issues jeopardizing your comfort and safety. For example, carbon can build up on the glass, the burners and inside the vents, and extended wear and tear can lead to hazardous natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks.


Furthermore, without regular maintenance, your gas or electric fireplace can become inefficient, wasting fuel and increasing your energy bills. In the worst cases, it may stop working altogether.


Common Problems for Gas and Electric Fireplaces

Like any appliance in your home, gas and electric fireplaces eventually require repairs. Here are some of the most common issues:


  • Difficulty in lighting the pilot light or igniting the fireplace

  • Problems with the gas valve can lead to irregular gas flow and inadequate heating

  • Gas leaks

  • Faulty thermocouple causing inconsistent flames

  • Malfunctioning electric heating elements resulting in inadequate or uneven heating

  • Failing remote controls or control panels


Regular maintenance prevents these problems from happening and extends the lifespan of your gas or electric fireplace.

Gas and Electric Fireplace Repair Services

Here are some of the repairs that the technicians at Don’s Heating & Cooling can do for you:


  • Replace faulty gas valves

  • Repair or replace the thermocouple

  • Troubleshoot and repair the pilot light

  • Replace the electric heating element

  • Fix issues with the electronic controls

  • Address mechanical failures


Our technicians will repair your fireplace quickly, cleanly and carefully.


Gas and Electric Fireplace Maintenance Checklist

When you book a maintenance service call with Don’s Heating & Cooling, a technician will visit your home and go through this comprehensive inspection checklist:


  • Calibrate and clean the gas pilot system

  • Examine the venting system to ensure unobstructed airflow and proper ventilation

  • Assess the combustion chamber, chimney draw and primary air shutter

  • Clean and inspect the glass for clarity and safety

  • Repaint the firebox to restore esthetics and protective qualities, if necessary

  • Tighten all connections to prevent leaks and ensure safety

  • Ensure proper log placement for optimal esthetics and function

  • Test and clean the fireplace blower, if applicable


Fireplace Maintenance and Repair in Alliston and Orangeville

At Don’s Heating & Cooling, we understand the unique needs of gas and electric fireplaces. Contact us today for expert fireplace repair and maintenance services in Orangeville, Alliston and surrounding areas.


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“Brian was very helpful. Brendan, the installer and his helper were very neat and careful with all the work.. Answered all our questions pleasantly. Lori and Katie in the office were more than helpful also.”

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- Elaine B.


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“Excellent service. Price great. Moved to a second new house further North and still used them. Go beyond expectations. Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Highly recommend this company.”

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- Rachel H.


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