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Ductless Systems for Any Space in Orangeville, Alliston and Surrounding Areas 

Keeping you and your family comfortable is our priority


Ductless mini splits, including ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps, can fit in any space, even where traditional HVAC units don’t.  With their virtually endless configurations, ductless air conditioner and heat pump products deliver comfort with minimal visual impact. 


Ductless heating and cooling systems differ from traditional ducted and forced-air systems because they come in all shapes and sizes and don’t require ducts inside your walls. These wall-mounted air handlers are flexible and work wherever you need them.


Don’s Heating & Cooling in Orangeville and Alliston is your go-to destination for innovative ductless heating and cooling solutions. Discover the comfort and efficiency of ductless systems tailored to meet your needs, whether you reside in a cozy condo, spacious apartment or older home without existing ductwork. Contact us today to learn more.

How Ductless Systems Work

Ductless systems operate on a simple yet effective principle. Instead of relying on ducts to distribute air, these systems use an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handlers to directly heat or cool specific zones within your space. This targeted approach maximizes efficiency and allows customizable comfort settings tailored to your preferences.


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Who Can Benefit from Ductless Systems?

Whether you live in a condo or a home without pre-existing ductwork, ductless systems offer an ideal solution. Ductless systems are also suitable for home renovations and additions because you don’t have to worry about extending and installing ductwork.


Types of Ductless Systems

Explore our diverse range of ductless solutions. We carry the following:


  • Ductless air conditioner. Ideal for cooling your space, ductless air conditioners provide efficient and reliable cooling performance without the need for ductwork.


  • Ductless heat pump. Harness the power of ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-splits, to efficiently heat and cool your space, offering energy-efficient comfort throughout the seasons.


Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Installing a ductless system into your home or condo has many benefits, including:


  • Energy efficiency. By eliminating the energy loss associated with ductwork, ductless systems operate with exceptional efficiency, helping you save on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Zoning flexibility. With individual air handlers for each room, ductless systems allow for precise temperature control, enabling you to create personalized comfort zones throughout your home.


  • Easy installation. Skip the hassle of complex ductwork installation with our ductless systems. Our professional team ensures swift and seamless installation, getting you up and running in no time.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems in Orangeville and Alliston

At Don’s Heating and Cooling, we can help you transform your indoor environment with the comfort and efficiency of our top-quality ductless systems from industry-leading brands. We also offer maintenance plans to ensure your ductless systems work perfectly for years to come. Contact us today to speak with one of our home comfort experts.


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